Two good reads…

Strange rise in good articles about football (the American kind), must have something to do with that Super Bowl thing coming up… Nice article today on titled “Some inside skinny on Peyton Manning” by Elizbeth Merrill. Nice peek behind the curtain of Peyton Manning of the Super Bowl bound Indianapolis Colts. Not really a big “fanboy” of Peyton’s but I can certainly appreciate what he has accomplished. I’ve read a couple of things about him and this article furthers my respect for him. He’s a nice change from the Gilbert Arenas’, Brett “hey look at me” Favre, and Mark McGuire’s of the world.

Last week I read a nice piece, “Outside the Lines: Higher Calling” , also from oddly enough, about Peyton’s former coach, Tony Dungy. Interesting man. Seems very grounded and intelligent. Based on that article, I have just ordered his book. Always looking for new insights into the athlete’s mind. From what I have seen, he could be a great teacher for me. Take a moment, or two, and read this article – it is time well spent.

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