Loyalty? To what?

Well, by now the media spectacle that is the summer of LeBron is finally peaked and is winding down. “King James” made his announcement last night that he is leaving Cleveland for the sunny shores of Miami and hopefully greener pastures (or should we say golden ones?). His announcement touched of a flood of emotional responses from the guy on the street in Cleveland to the guy that “owns” the team – most negative. In some cases very negative.

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, immediately fired off a letter to the media bashing LeBron. Among other things he called him unloyal and a quitter. Unloyal? Really? He was a free agent, wonder if Dan understands what that means? Loyalty is a two-way street isn’t it? Where was Mr. Gilbert’s loyalty when they traded away Zydrunas Ilgauskas last year after “Z” spent his entire 15+ year career in Cleveland? What about the other players he has traded away in the past? Where was his loyalty to them?

Mr. Gilbert also called LeBron a quitter. Really? Then why the big emotional rant when he left? Why would you want a quitter on your team Dan?

Would it have been a great, feel good story for LeBron to stay in Cleveland? Sure. Was I pulling for that? Yep. Am I losing any sleep over it? Nope. Am I angry he left Cleveland for Miami? Nope. His call, not mine. He was an employee of Cleveland for 7 years. He did his job as he was paid to do. He reached the end of his contract, looked around and realized that Cleveland just didn’t have the horses to allow him to take his game up another notch. So he found a place that had a better chance for him to grow personally. Great for him.

Even better, word now coming out says that he (and the other two “stars” in Miami) is going to play for less than max dollars. That to me, speaks volumes about the move.

Good luck LeBron and shame on you Mr. Gilbert.

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