I’m so sick of multi-million dollar cry-babies

ESPN Headline:

Cowboys WR Crayton wants trade

Why? Just because the team drafted another receiver? What are you scared of? If anything this should motivate you to work harder, not go running off in search of another team where you don’t have to work to keep your job.

Crayton certainly isn’t the first to go this route. Every season we are bombarded with stories of players demanding to be traded or bought out of their contracts (in the case of the NBA) so they can go somewhere else. Often it is “so they can win a ring”. Why not work harder where you are to get there? If your contract is up, fine, leave. If not, suck it up and fulfill what you agreed to!

I applauded a few years ago when Ricky Williams, as a rookie, signed a bare minimum contract that was full of incentives. Finally, someone who understood: Work hard = Get Paid! Too bad he turned out to be a flake. It would have been nice to see that start a trend, rather than be ridiculed. So, once again this year, the first draft pick in the NFL – without ever stepping on the field – will get PAID! He could turn out to be a complete bust (ya hear me Ryan, Jamarcus?), but a bust with a bankroll he will be!


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