Finally! A break from the normal!

Finally got to spend some serious time in “the shop” the last two weekends! Progress on the bug has really stalled lately. Between the demands of coaching a traveling soccer team and work, there just hasn’t been time to work on my hobby car. Not complaining, it is great that work is busy, but you need a break sometimes and the bug offers me that complete break from the norm. It’s that whole low-tech, bang on metal, man-thing I guess.

Between master welder-fabricator Gary Lewis and myself (and I’m no where near Gary’s god-like level) we’ve made progress all over the car – which is great! Gary came up with a really cool looking mirror mount for the driver’s side. Next up for him will be to match it on the passenger’s side (just as soon as I can find a matching mirror! Anyone have an early VW offsite mount mirror?).  He also has the exhaust (which will be completely hidden) all designed in his head – just have to rattle it loose.

For my less talented part,  I managed to get the new rocker panels shaped, mounted and have begun the long process of stitch welding (is that the right term) them onto the car. Using 100’s of little spot welds helps to prevent warping, but sure does take a long time! I also managed to finish up the work on the new split front bumpers (which are made up of parts of two rear bumpers – cut, welded and shaped).

Getting close to body work now. Just a little more welding on the rockers, some more smoothing on the bumpers and a little rework of the rear apron and then it is time to teach Alek how to run a DA to start stripping the paint! Check out the pictures below.

New Rocker Panels

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