Coaching an “O-fer”… one of the best times I have had!


2009 U11 Boys Redding Kaos Rebels

Ok, that really isn’t fair as we didn’t actually lose every game. Our actual official record was something like 0-27-4. But ya know what? I had a great time. 15 boys that wanted to learn and didn’t let the losing get to them too much. They were just as excited at the last practice as they were at the first 6 months before. Was the record really a reflection of how we played? Well, on one hand yes as we didn’t play well enough to win outright, but we also were very seldom “out of the game”.
In two cases that come to mind, our first victory was mere seconds away. In our very first official game, the referee allowed play to continue past regulation by 28 seconds, allowing the home team to tie the game after we had been up by 2 goals. His fault? Maybe partially, but we also didn’t do our job and hold them off. Later in the season, we had another team beat us with 19 seconds left in the game after we had been up 2-0 and 3-1 in the game.
But, the kids kept fighting and coming back for more. Week after week, they were scraping it out with the best of them and didn’t give up. I’ll coach a team that never gives up and keeps learning and keeps fighting every week over a team that wins and couldn’t care less – every time!

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